Gareth P. Jones is a Blue Peter award winning author of over 40 books for children of all ages, regular school visiting author and a festival performer.

Books, songs and shows about Ninja Meerkats, Steampunk Pirates, Dragon Detectives, murderous twins, dark family secrets, bureaucratic ghosts, Victorian illusionists, dinosaur parties, time travel mysteries, alien-fighting pets, daily jokes and Death or Ice cream?



“If you like singing the wheels on the bus & you like lions, you’ll love The Lion on the Bus.”

We all know that what the wheels on the bus do. They go round and round. We all know how long they do that for. All day long.

But what if a lion got on the bus? What would it do all day long? And what if a panther, crocodile and pack of wolves jumped on? What would they do and what would you do if it happened to you?

And what on earth is going on?

Find out with my brand new sing along picture book, The Lion on the Bus, illustrated by Jeff Harter & published by Farshore Books.




Illustrated by the fantastic Loretta Schauer, my first picture book in 5 years is now out. It is published by Farshore Books and the first in a series of retellings of fairy tales.

Rabunzel is a rabbit with very long ears. Her mother locks her away in a high hutch to keep her safe but this is one tale with a twist and it won’t be the handsome young hare, Flash Harry who rescues Rabunzel. This is one rabbit is not in need for rescuing.

You can be a signed (and personalised) copy here.


And you can listen to the theme song (produced by Matt Downing) here.


All 4 books in my freshly republished Dragon Detective series are now out!

Catnapped! is the first book. Schools Out is the second, Sky High! is the third and That’s a Wrap is the fourth and final book.

They were originally published in 2007 when they were nominated for the Waterstones Book Prize.

It’s wonderful to have these books back on shelves and hopefully finding a new generation of fans. This time I even recorded the theme tune:

And here’s the reprise to tell you about the second book.

 This is accompanying film I made for the third book, Sky High!

The final book, That’s a Wrap takes place in Hollywood so I made this blockbuster movie trailer, featuring the vocal talents of David Thorpe.

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