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Dragon Detective: Catnapped!

Dirk Dilly, Dragon Detective is back with a new look!

This is my first series and was first published in 2007. All four books are coming out with a new look, new titles and updated words.

I’m immensely proud of these books and I love the new artwork (by the incredibly talented Scot Brown).

I really hope that these books will find a new generation of readers. They are written in a hard boiled detective style and ideal for ages 6 upwards. They are perfect for bridging that gap between heavily illustrated texts (like my Ninja Meerkats) and my older, darker fiction.

They are all mystery stories with lots of clues for readers to pick up on so they make ideal class readers as well as being highly entertaining books for independent reading. Sinister schemes, evil dragons, a brave hero by the name of Holly and a grouchy dragon detective, Dirk Dilly.

Book One: Catnapped!

Book Two: Schools Out!

Book Three: Sky High!

Book Four: That’s a Wrap!

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Pet Defenders: 6 Books

Ever wondered what your pets get up to when you’re not watching them? It turns out that they are working for a secret organisation charged with keeping earth safe from alien attack. Follow the adventures of Biskit the dog and Mitzy the cat as they battle alien dung, invading beards and super alien stinky cheese.

Pet Defenders 1: Attack of the Alien Dung

In the quiet seaside town of Nothington-on-Sea, Biskit is the top agent but he is not happy when he discovers his new partner Mitzy is a cat. Everyone knows that cats and dogs don’t mix.

But saving the earth from alien invasions must come first and a cluster of cow pats has flown into town and they’re whipping up a stink…It’s time for Biskit and Mitzy to put aside their differences and save the world!

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Pet Defenders 2: Beards from Outer Space

In the Pet Defenders’ second outing, Biskit and Mitzy are investigating a mysterious new bearded mayor of Nothington-on-Sea when they discover that he is under the influence of the evil Beard King. This small hairy alien and his beard associates have plans to take over our chins then take over our world! Beardageddon is coming. Beware the beards. (Note: All beards featured in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to real beards is purely coincidental.)

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Pet Defenders 3: Cheese from Dimension Pong

Animals are disappearing from Nothington-on-Sea and the Pet Defenders suspect alien activity. Secret agents Biskit and Mitzy find themselves caught up in the Planet Bogey Games. Biskit suspects the contest might hold the key to finding his missing partner, Champ. Can our heroes win the game? And what’s more, can they get back home after?

Note: The author strongly advises against reading this book around meal times. There really is a lot of snot in it. But since this is a book about bogeys he highly recommends that you pick it..

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Pet Defenders 4: Revenge of the Atomic Burps

There is an intergalactic robbery plot in progress, involving a pair of shape-shifting criminal brothers known as the Atomic Burps.

The Pet Defenders have always focussed on protecting their little planet but, when Mitzy meets SUPA Agent Zed, she learns that there is a much bigger universe out there.  She might need to work together to get the burps back behind bars.

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Pet Defenders 5: Cheese from Dimension Pong

A mysterious pan-dimensional cheese has appeared in Nothington-on-Sea and it’s SO STINKY it’s knocking people out!

Luckily, Biskit and Mitzy are on its scent. But there are bigger and scarier things than cheese, in this the penultimate Pet Defenders series.

Yes, this is one cheese adventure that is totally CRACKERS!\

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Pet Defenders 6: Invasion of the Giant Nits

SUPA Agent Zed is back and he’s come to warn Biskit and Mitzy about the impending invasion of an army of GIANT NITS!

This problem is a real head scratcher as the Pet Defenders must battle an opponent wielding a weapon capable of cutting them down to size.

The final installation in this madcap series is the biggest adventure yet. And it’s only going to get BIGGER!

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The Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates: 4 Books

Robotic pirates made using the very latest in steam-power/clockwork technology, these marauding machines will have you laughed and oo-arring from the start.

The Leaky Battery Sets Sail

Wanted: Dead or Alive! (Or smashed into little bits and delivered in boxes.) Causing chaos wherever they sail, the robotic Steampunk Pirates are roaming the high seas, hunting for gold! But the evil Iron Duke has other ideas…He’s determined to capture the pirates in return for a handsome reward from the King.

Can these mechanical marauders stay one wave ahead of their enemy?


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Attack of the Giant Sea Spiders

It’s a three-way battle in the Slurring Mariner pub. On the one hand, the four Steampunk Pirates. On another, the Dread Captain Inkybeard, who is married to a squid who lives on his head and keeps his facial hair dark. On the third, a ridiculously rich, ridiculously French and ridiculously successful recruiter – but to just what is he taking so many seamen?

Whatever it is, it’s enough to get the Pirates and Inkybeard working together (ish) to solve the problem – but someone else might just be controlling the whole farrago…

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Clash of the Rival Robots


The Steampunk Pirates are lured back to England by the promise of gold. But the appearance of their inventor, Mr Richmond Swift, signals big trouble.

He has a new army of robots and it’s not long before sparks begin to fly. Have the pirates finally met their match?

The third instalment is arguably the most exciting adventure so far but it also offers a fuller understanding of the unique predicament of these mechanical marauders.

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Rise of the Slippery Sea Monster

The Steampunk Pirates get a taste of their own medicine when the Leaky Battery is raided by a sea monster that’s greedy for gold. But when the rusty robots race to get their treasure back, they sail straight into a trap…Can they dodge the creature’s twisting tentacles or will they be squished to smithereens?

With old squid-loving loon, Captain Inkybeard back and a dashing young cabin boy by the name of Kidd involved things are bound to get complicated for the crew of The Leaky Battery in this the fourth – and final – adventure of The Steampunk Pirates.

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Ninja Meerkats: 10 Books

Hidden in the remotest reaches of the Red Desert, legend tells of an elite fighting force of meerkats – The Clan of the Scorpion. Under the guidance of their mentor, the wise (and cryptic) Grandmaster One-Eye, and armed with ninja-know-how, these four warriors are sworn to protect the world from the evil plans of their enemy, the Ringmaster…

The Clan of the Scorpion

A tiger is missing from Hong Kong zoo, but she’s no ordinary big cat – and she won’t be found by sticking lost posters on lamp posts. When the meerkats find a clown-shaped clue in the poo at the zoo it can only mean one thing. The Ringmaster and his circus goons are in town. It’s time for the ninja meerkats to leap into action!


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The Eye of the Monkey

An Indian emerald with mystical powers has been stolen from under the noses of the monkeys who guard it. The meerkats team up with kung fu supremo the Delhi Llama to investigate. Some monkey business is afoot and there’s no prizes for guessing who’s behind it… The meerkats smell a rat in a top hat. It’s time for the ninja meerkats to leap into action!


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Escape from Ice Mountain


The Clan of the Scorpion are escorting their mentor, Grandmaster One Eye, to a Kung Fu Grandmaster meeting deep in the mountains of Chile, when they are ambushed by a horde of enormous spiders – the Trained Tarantulas of Santiago! But the eight-legged creeps are a cunning diversion, and the Clan soon realise that Grandmaster One Eye has been katnapped! The Clan sets out to follow the attackers south, all the way to a colossal mountain fortress in icy Antarctica – but will they reach One Eye before the trail runs …cold?

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 Hollywood Showdown

The meerkats are in Hollywood. They are hot on the heals of their old enemy, The Ringmaster. But what is he up to this time? Featuring action hero, Vin Pain, celebrity dog-trainer Honor Longlead and a brutish force of dobermans, the meerkats have their work cut out if they are to save the world from the Ringmaster’s most devlish scheme yet.


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The Tomb of Doom

The Ringmaster is planning to steal a legendary Gold Mask from a Burial Chamber hidden deep beneath an Egyptian pyramid. The meerkats are summoned by Chuck’s brother, Lob to protect the treasure. Can they unravel the tomb’s deadly secrets or is their mission doomed from the start?

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 Big City Bust-Up


The Clan of the Scorpion are in London, having been called there by the head of the secret secret service. There has been a break in at the tower and someone has made off with the Royal Sceptre.

But as they investigate this mystery they soon learn that there is more to the missing artefact than meets the eye… Soon enough the statues of London start coming to life and causing havoc across the city. Only the Ninja Meerkats can save the day!


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 The Ultimate Dragon Warrior

The Clan of the Scorpion are invited to a mysterious island to take part in an elite fighting competition. But everything on the island is not as it seems and the meerkats suspect that the Ringmaster is plotting another of his evil plans.

Do the meerkats have what it takes to become champions in the most deadly contest of all – their fight against the Ringmaster?


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 Outback Attack

The Clan of the Scorpion receive strange reports from the Australian outback. They fly down under to investigate, and discover strange goings-on in the desert and who else could be behind it but that top-hatted menace, the Ringmaster? With boxing kangaroos and killer koalas, not to mention the Ringmaster’s crew of deadly circus goons, this is one deadly desert mission.


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The Forbidden Palace


In the ninth book of The Ninja Meerkats series, the Clan of the Scorpion are hot on the heels of the Ringmaster in the mysterious mountains and jungles of Peru. The Ringmaster has his sights set on a legendary palace with a magical throne, which brings power to anyone who sits on it. The meerkats must stop the Ringmaster in his tracks – but his mysterious new recruit, The Birdman of Cusco has more than a few tricks up his feathered sleeve to stop them.


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The Hammer of Thor


In this dramatic conclusion to the series, The Ringmaster has already got his hands on the legendary Hammer of Thor, an electrifying weapon that controls thunder and lightning. All planes are grounded, every major city is under attack, so the Clan of the Scorpion will have to team up some old friends and face up to some brand new enemies as they must once more defeat the Ringmaster and save the world!


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The Dragon Detective Agency Series

Now being republished as Dragon Detective – books coming out 2020. Watch this space!

The case of the missing cats

The Case of the Missing Cats 

When Dirk Dilly gets a call from Holly asking him to help her find her missing cat, he thinks that the case will be very tedious.

However, soon he and the intrepid Holly are engaged in a life or death struggle in which the missing cats play only a small part. This is a case that will seriously test Dilly’s detective skills as he finds himself up against some very dangerous foes!


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The Case of the Wayward ProfessorThe Case of the Wayward Professor buy book

When Dirk Dilly gets a call from a distraught wife, he does not expect much in the way of exciting crimes to solve, but he sets off to follow the husband anyway.

He couldn’t be more wrong and soon he is up to his scaly neck in stolen government secrets, wicked and treacherous dragons, and a confused Prime Minister’s son.

Of course, nothing is too difficult when you can rely on a good friend like Holly to help you out







The case of the vanished sea dragonThe Case of the Vanished Sea Dragon buy book

When Detective Dirk Dilly gets a surprise visit from a Sea Dragon in need of his sleuthing skills, at first he dismisses the case. After all, dragons are extremely high risk and they rarely pay well. But soon Dirk is stuck – from his horny head to the tip of his scaly tail – right in the thick of a dramatic new mystery full of unexpected danger.

His trusty friend Holly has made some startling discoveries too, and it’s not long before Holly and Dirk are together involved in perhaps their slipperiest mystery yet, involving the strange disappearance of a sister, a dodgy billionaire and some very powerful dragons. Not to mention they will make some unlikely friends along the way in this compelling and plot-driven story full of exciting and unusual twists and turns.





The Case of the Stolen FileThe Case of the Stolen Film buy book

When Holly and her friend Archie are in LA (flown out there by the billionaire Brant Buchanan) they bump into a character from Holly’s past. Petal Moses is in the middle of making the film version of her autobiography. While filming in the heart of the Californian desert, the director catches something ‘dragonlike’ on camera. However, before it can be properly examined, the roll of film goes missing.

Realising this is a case for Dirk, Holly immediately calls him up. In no time at all, the dragon detective is up to his neck once more in a dangerous investigation involving some Californian Desert Dragons who spit poison rather than breathe fire.

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